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Hikmah Technologies is a professional software development firm that helps its clients to enter the modern business world while being at the top of game on the digital platform.

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Modern Strategy

Cloud development, automation and responsive platforms are the name of the game. We help you get there.

Best Relationship

Contact us immediately if you have a question in mind, whenever you need us. Very happy to serve your interests.

Ultimate Marketing

We have partnered with many marketing firms that would help you take your product or idea to the market quickly and effectively.


Let’s discuss about you project

90% of project failures are caused by lack of proper communication channel. One of the biggest challenges in the software development field is to understand business and coming up with products that work.

The only solution is to have a clear communication channel which will allow the software developers to not only understand the expectation but the business itself as well.

We can help you to grow your business

Just by getting a website, one doesn't find themselves racking in profit with new customer. Marketing happens to be the lynchpin of getting business to you.

Our efforts are focussed around building projects and tools that are geared towards building business through digital platform and assisting with marketing.

We take efforts to ensure that you get the value for your money spent.



We love to make developer tools as well as those that makes life easier for everyone around.

Current Clients

Our list of clients is small at the moment, but would soon be growing up to large extent.

Providing data solutions to stockopedia.

Managing web presence of VC Solutions

Keep in touch

We are building a product of our own that would enable the social media marketers to generate digital images for marketing.

Reach out to us if interested in using the said product. Early birds get the goodies.

You can either send us a message through the form or send email directly to us.